Communication and Learning Skills Centre

We produce computer programs and materials to help you to improve the memory, recall and learning skills of your children, pupils, students and adult clients.


Mastering Memory

To help improve auditory and/or visual short-term memory skills. Computer program and manual which shows you how to teach memory strategies. Children's and Secondary/ Adult versions.
Student Organiser Pack

A range of timetables and sheets to teach time-management and organisational skills to children from 9 years of age - including a section of revision timetables for students taking GCSE examinations.
Timely Reminders
Time to Revise Spellings
Improves recall from long-term memory. Allows students to manage their revision and helps with automatic recall of languages, definitions, spellings or any facts.
Memory Bricks

Kinaesthetic version of Mastering Memory suitable for Pre-school and Primary aged children to improve their working memory skills.
"Make your own" kit available.
Understanding Dyslexia Free

Initially written for parents this guide has proved useful to teachers and dyslexic students. PO Box 621, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2ZS